Latest Loksewa Computer Operator Preparation Exam Set

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Are you looking for Latest Loksewa Computer Operator Preparation Exam Set?

Live Exam Test 

Here you can find Latest Lok Sewa Computer Operator Preparation Exam Sets.  This online computer operator online exam sets helps you to find out lots of questions along with right answer related to the following topics:

  1. Fundamental of Computer
  2. History of Computers
  3. Computer Generations
  4. Computer Operator
  5. Classification of Computer
  6. Microsoft Word
  7. Microsoft Excel
  8. Microsoft Power Point
  9. Microsoft Access
  10. Computer Hardware & Networking
  11. HTML
  12. PHP
  13. CSS
  14. Multiple-Choice Grammar
  15. IELTS Grammar Test and many more.


You can attempt this quiz by selecting different exam sets and submitting the number of questions. When you are done with all the questions you will get your result with correct answer and score with remarks. And you can click on ‘Check Your Answer’ button to check the correct and wrong answers list.


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