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HTML Form Element and tags


<form> HTML Form Element and Tags HTML form "<form>" element and tags is used to collect and send information to an email or database. The <form> element can contain various input elements. When a user submits the form, information in these input elements is passed to the source which is named in the action attribute of the form element. HTML Form Element and Tags Attributes Following is a list of the most frequently used form attributes: S.N. Attribute & Description...

HTML Table Tag Element


<table> HTML Table Tag Element In HTML, the  Table "<table>" tag element has content that is used to display data rows and columns. The HTML tables are created using the group of <table> elements. <table> tag in which <tr> tag is used to create table rows and <td> tag is used to create data cells. <thead> Table Head Table Head: <thead> defines the headings of table columns encapsulated in table rows. <tr> Table Row Table row element: <tr> is used to add rows into a...

HTML List Item Tag and Element


HTML List Item Tag and Element Here are the HTML List Item Tag and Element examples. <li> List Item Element The <li> list item element create list items.  There are 3 types of list styles Ordered List Unordered List Definition List <ol> Ordered List Element The <ol> ordered list element creates a list of items in sequential order. Each list item appears numbered by default. The ordered list styles are: 1, a,A,i, I. Example <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Ordered List</title>...

HTML Common Tags or Elements


HTML Common Tags or Elements HTML common Tags or Elements are as follows: HTML Heading Style HTML Provides 6 types of heading style. The largest heading style is <h1> and smallest heading style is <h6> <h1>Heading Text </h1> <h2>Heading Text</h2> <h3>Heading Text</h3> <h4>Heading Text</h4> <h5>Heading Text</h5> </h6>Heading Text</h6> HTML Formatting Elements HTML Formatting Elements (Tags) are used for the html document formatting as per requirement we can use commonly used terms like: headings, text bold, italic, underline, strike, super script,...

HTML Skeleton, Elements and CheatSheet

HTML Skeleton Elements and CheatSheet

Introduction to HTML : HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a web page describing language developed by W3 Consortium (founder of W3 Consortium "Tim Berners Lee" in 1989). We learn about HTML Skeleton, Elements and CheatSheet. File Extension:  .html or .htm Importance of HTML in Webpage Designing HTML is a significant tool for building up a website or web applications. It is a scripting language used to describe the structure of information on a web page. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript makes...

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers in PSC


125 most important Frequently Asked Questions and Answers in (PSC) Public Service Commission Here are the answers to 125 most important frequently asked questions in the (PSC) Public Service Commission: You can download file as you need. Download pdf file

444 Most Important Computer Abbreviations You Should Know

444 Most Important Computer Abbreviations You Should Know

444 Most Important Computer Abbreviations You Should Know 1. TCP = Transmission Control Protocol 2. UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply 3. SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment 4. SMPS = Switched-Mode Power Supply 5. RAM = Random Access Memory 6. ROM = Read Only Memory 7. CD = Compact Disk 8. DVD = Digital Versatile Disk 9. CRT = Cathode Ray Tube 10. CPU = Central Processing Unit 11. SAP = System Application & Products 12. PNG = Portable Network...

Latest Loksewa Computer Operator Preparation Exam Set

Are you looking for Latest Loksewa Computer Operator Preparation Exam Set? Live Exam Test  Here you can find Latest Lok Sewa Computer Operator Preparation Exam Sets.  This online computer operator online exam sets helps you to find out lots of questions along with right answer related to the following topics: Fundamental of Computer History of Computers Computer Generations Computer Operator Classification of Computer Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power Point Microsoft Access Computer Hardware & Networking HTML PHP CSS Multiple-Choice...

How to Create a Looping Slideshow in PowerPoint

We can easily create a looping slideshow (automatic restart slideshow after end the slideshow) using PowerPoint. A looping slideshow displays each slide automatically for a certain amount of time. Once that time has elapsed, the slide automatically continues to the next slide. Once the slideshow reaches the end, it repeats from the beginning of your slide. Open your PowerPoint presentation. Click on the Slide Show tab From the Set Up group, click on Set Up Slide Show. From the resulting...

MCQ Computer Operator Online Exam Test

computer operator exam online test

This MCQ computer operator online exam (quiz) will help you in preparation of computer operator exam for various government and private sector organizations like: Loksewa computer operator, Telecom computer operator, Electricity computer operator, Department of National ID and Civil Registration computer operator (Rastriya Parichayapatra and Panjikaran Bibhag), Nepal Oil corporation computer operator, MIS computer operator, CTEVT / NSTB Computer Operator level 1, CTEVT / NSTB Computer Operator level 2, CTEVT / NSTB Computer Operator level 3 and many other organizations....