Solved questions – PSC Computer Operator

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Solved questions – PSC- Computer- Operator

लोक सेवा आयोग

राजपत्र अनंकित प्रथम श्रेणी, विविध सेवा

Computer Operator


time :45 minute

Full Mark: 50

Date: 2071/02/15
1. What is the purpose of inserting header and footer in document?

a) To enhance the overall appearance of the document.

b) To mark the starting and ending of page.

c) To mark large document more readable.

d) To allow page header and footers appear on document when printed.

2. Which of the following function key activates the speller?

a) F5

b) F7

c) F9

d) Shift + F7

3. Thesaurus tool in Ms Word is used for

a) Spelling suggestions.

b) Grammar options.

c) Synonyms and Antonyms words.

d) All of above.

4. A bookmark is an item or location in document that you identify as a name of future reference. Which of the following task is accomplished by using bookmarks?

a) To add anchors in web page

b) To marks the ending of paragraph of document

c) To quickly jump to specific location in document

d) to add hyperlinks in webpage.

5. Which of the following is not the correct method of editing the cell content?

a) Press the Alt key

b) Press the F2 key

c) Click the formula bar.

d) Double click the cell.

6. Which command will you use to convert the column of data into row?

a) Cut and past.

b) Edit>> Past special>> Transpose

c) Both of above.

d) None of above.

7. Which is the short cut key to replace a data with another in sheet?

a) Ctrl +R

b) Ctrl + Shift + R

c) Ctrl + H

d) Ctrl + F

8. Which of the following action removes a sheet from workbook?

a) Select the sheet then choose Edit >> Delete sheet.

b) Select the sheet then choose Format >> Sheet >> Hide

c) Both of above

d) None of above.

9. To remove the content of sheet cells you must issue _________ Command.

a) Edit >> Delete

b) Edit>> Clear >> Contents.

c) Edit >> clear >> All

d) Data >> Delete

10. In a worksheet you can select.

a) The entire worksheet.

b) Rows

c) Columns

d) A, B and C

11. When the formula bar is activated, you can see.

a) The edit formula button.

b) The Cancel button

c) The enter button

d) All of above.

12. You can activate a cell by

a) Pressing the Tab key

b) Clicking the cell.

c) Pressing an arrow key

d) All of above.

13. You can add a hyperlink to your worksheet by pressing.

a) Alt + K

b) Ctrl + H

c) Ctrl + K

d) Ctrl + Shift + K

14. Each excel file is called a workbook because.

a) It can contain text and data.

b) It can be modified

c) It can contain many sheets including worksheets and chart sheets.

d) You have to work hard to create it.

15. The master list of an indexed file?

a) Is sorted in ascending Order.

b) Contains only a list of keys and record numbers.

c) Is sorted in ascending order.

d) Both B and C

16. A locked file can be?

a) Accessed by only one user.

b) Modified by users with the correct password.

c) Is used to hide sensitive information

d) Both B and C

17. Manager’s salary details are hidden from the employee. This is?

a) Conceptual level data hiding

b) Physical level data hiding

c) External level hiding

d) None of above.

18. Which of the following products is relational DBMS?

a) Foxpro

b) Oracal

c) dBase- II

d) None

19. The following are functions of a DBMS except _________.

a) Creating and processing forms.

b) Creating database

c) Processing Data

d) Administrating databases

20. The task pane shows the design that is currently being used in a presentation.

a) Slide style

b) Slide Design

c) Slide Format

d) Slide Show.

21. ____________ Refers to the way things are arranged on slide.

a) Slide layout

b) Slide Design

c) Slide Transition

d) Rehearse

22. To insert a now slide in the current presentation, we can choose______

a) Ctrl + M

b) Ctrl + N

c) Ctrl + O

d) Ctrl + F

23. IN HTML, URL is used to ________.

a) Create a frame document.

b) Create a image map in the webpage

c) Customize the image map in the webpage.

d) Identify a name of a resource on the internet.

24. CSS is an acronym for_______.

a) Cascading style sheet.

b) Costume style Sheet

c) Cascading system sheet.

d) None of above.

25. Who invented World Wide Web (WWW)?

a) Blaise Pascale

b) Charles Babbage

c) Herman Hollerith

d) Tim Berners Lee.

26. Which technology is used in compact disk?

a) Mechanical

b) Electrical

c) Electromagnetic

d) Laser

27. Which of the following is the largest hardware manufacturer?

a) IBM

b) Seagate

c) Microsoft

d) 3M

28. Memory is made up of _____.

a) Set of wires.

b) Set of circuits

c) Large number of cells.

d) All of above.

29. Which device is used to backup the data?

a) Floppy disk

b) Tape

c) Network Drive

d) All of the above.

30. A set of flip flop integrated together is called.

a) Counter

b) Adder

c) Register

d) None of the above.

31. Which of the following have fastest access time?

a) Semiconductor memories

b) Magnetic disk

c) Magnetic tape

d) compact disk

32. The second generation computer was based on.

a) Vacuum tube

b) Silicon Chips.

c) Transistor.

d) Bio Chips

33. Who invented analytical engine?

a) Blaise Pascal

b) George Boolean

c) Charles Babbage

d) Dr. Herman Hollerith

34. Through which device the main computers of computer communicate?

a) Keyboard

b) System Bus

c) Memory

d) Monitor

35. What do you call a single point in computer screen?

a) Cell

b) Element

c) Pixel

d) Bit

36. The BIOS is an abbreviation of

a) Basic Input Output System

b) Best Input Output System

c) Basic Input Output Symbol

d) Base Input Output System

37. Which access s method is used to access cassette tape?

a) Direct

b) Sequential

c) Both of above

d) None of above.

38. One nibble equal to

a) 1 bit

b) 2 bits

c) 4 bits

d) 16 bits

39. After copying the content, how many times you can past it?

a) 1

b) 16

c) 32

d) many

40. IN UNIX the status of the process ma be

a) Running

b) Orphan

c) Sleeping

d) All of the above.

41. The PID of kernel process is

a) undefined

b) 0

c) 1

d) 3

42. GUI Based operation system is __________

a) Windows

b) Linux – Linux is not an operating system. Its just a kernel file based on which OS are created.

c) Both A and B

d) DOS

43. Virtual Memory is _____________

a) An extremely large main memory

b) An extremely large secondary memory

c) An illusion of extremely large secondary memory

d) A type of memory used in super computer

44. Which is not the state of process

a) Blocked

b) Running

c) Ready

d) Privileged

45. The key F12 opens a

a) Save as dialog box

b) Open dialog Box

c) Save dialog box

d) Close dialog box

46. Which file starts MS Word?

a) winword.exe

b) word.exe

c) msword.exe

d) word2003.exe

47. Which of the following is not a type of page margin?

a) Left

b) Right

c) Center

d) Top

48. Portrait and Landscape are

a) Page Orientation

b) Paper size

c) Page Layout

d) All of above

49. Which of the following is not a font style?

a) Bold

b) Italic

c) Regular

d) Superscript

50. Boarders can be applied to

a) Cell

b) Paragraph

c) Text

d) All of above


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